Prof. Dr. Elda Miramontes García

(Only in German)
2013 Diplom in Meereswissenschaften an der Universität Vigo, Spanien
2016 Promotion in Meeresgeowissenschaften an der Universität Brest, Frankreich

2013-2017 Ifremer, Frankreich
2017-2019 CNRS, Universität Brest, Frankreich

Juniorprofessorin in Bremen seit 2019

Meeresgeologie, Sedimentationsprozesse in Tiefsee, Sedimentdynamik, Ozeanographie

In our research we study the sedimentary processes that control seafloor morphology and sediment distribution in the deep sea, with a special focus on deposits generated by oceanic currents. We are also interested in how oceanic circulation interacts with turbidity currents and affects submarine channels. We aim to better understand sediment dynamics in deep-sea settings at present to improve paleoceanographic and paleoenvironmental reconstructions based on sedimentary archives. Anthropogenic pollution has nowadays affected all the oceans at all water depths. With our exper-tise in sediment dynamics, we also study the distribution of microplastics in deep-sea sediments to analyze the processes that transport them to the seafloor and to better characterize the environmental impact.

Working Area

SW Atlantic Ocean, SW Indian Ocean, NW Mediterranean Sea


We use a multidisciplinary approach to study sedimentary processes in the deep sea that combines observations of natural systems using geophysical data, sediment cores and oceanographic data; with hydrodynamic modelling and flume tank experiments.


Telefon +49 421 218 - 65200