Geophysics Research Seminar

Janna Just (Universitt Bremen)

Magnetostratigraphy of Europes oldest lake - A 1.4 Ma greigite-rich sequence from Lake Ohrid

GEO 3010

Doctoral Examination Board

Prof. Dr. Thomas Pichler

GEO-Gebude, Raum 3010

Faculty meeting

Prof. Dr. Michal Kucera

GEO-Gebude, Raum 3010


Welcome back on board, Janna!

After 4 years of postdoctoral work at Cologne University, Janna Just has returned to our faculty and Marine Geophysics Section. Here, she once investigated West African Quaternary climate history in the framework of EUROPROX using an innovative multi-proxy endmember approach. At Cologne, she remained faithful to Africa and carried out paleo- and enviromagnetic investigations of several African and European lakes in the framework of Collaborative Research Centre 806 `Our Way to Europe`. As participant of IODP expedition 361 (South African Climates), she could collect excellent new sample material to reconstruct the climate history of Southern Africa on longer timescales at her new/old Bremen magnetics lab. Janna Just takes over the geophysics teaching of Hendrik Mller, who moved for a guest term to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in March. more

Jenslehmannella - Honor for Dr. Jens Lehmann

In honor of Jens Lehmann, French and Swiss geoscientists described a new ammonite genus as Jenslehmannella. The reasoning for the nomination is as follows: "Named in honor of the German palaeontologist PD Dr. Jens Lehmann (Bremen) for his many contributions in increasing our understanding of the Cretaceous ammonite palaeontology". Jens Lehmann is head of the Geoscientific Collection at FB 5. Jenslehmannella is an ammonite from the special group of uncoiled ammonites, in which the coiling is open and thus the whorls are not attached to each other. The new genus was described from the early Cretaceous of Iran and indicates that there was a higher biological diversity in the eastern Tethys at the end of the early Cretaceous period, and that there was no close relationship with the European fauna area in clear contrast to later time slices of this period. more

Fjord tales what can the fjord floors tell' us about the activity of glaciers on Svalbard in the past?

Geo-Colloquium on April 19, 2017

Presentation at the Geo Colloquium of Dr. Matthias Forwick, UiT Norway on April 19, 2017, 12:30 in the lecture hall GEO more

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