Development History of the Faculty of Geosciences

in tabular form

Organization and Infrastructure Development

  • June 1981: Committment of Bremen State towards Ministry of Research and Technology to establish a Geoscience Faculty
  • Oct. 1982: Publication of a "Geosciences" planning concept by the University of Bremen
  • Apr. 1986: Foundation of the Faculty 05 Geosciences by the Academic Senate of the University of Bremen
  • June 1986: Constitutional meeting of the faculty council and election of first speaker (Gerold Wefer)
  • Nov. 1986: Laying of the foundation stone and subsequent erection of the GEO1 building (until early 1989)
  • Oct. 1991: Laying of the foundation stone and subsequent erection of the GEO2 building (until early 1994)
  • Aug. 1993: Decision for Bremen ODP/IODP Core Repository, first at Europahafen, since 2005 in MARUM building
  • Aug. 1994: Transfer of the Geosciences Collection of the Overseas Museum in Bremen to our faculty
  • Apr. 2005: Completion of MARUM building with technical hangar, IODP and GeoB core repositories, lab and office rooms
  • Nov. 2012: MARUM obtains the status of an independent research faculty of the University of Bremen

Establishment and Appointment of Research Groups

  • 1985: Ulrich Bleil (Geophysics with focus in Marine Geophysics, until 2005), Gerold Wefer (General Geology with focus in Marine Geology, since 2009 Research Professorship for Marine Geology)
  • 1986: Horst D. Schulz (Geochemistry and Hydrogeology, until 2007), Franz Frsich (Geology - Paleontology, until 1988), Olaf Brockamp (Mineralogy/Petrography, until 2008)
  • 1988: Martin Olesch (Geology of Polar Regions, until 2007)
  • 1989: Helmut Willems (Historical Geology - Paleontology)
  • 1991: Jochen Kuss (Geochronology - Basin Analysis)
  • 1992: Heinrich Villinger (Marine Technology - Sensors), Klaus Herterich (Paleoceanographic Modelling, until 2002)
  • 1993: Rdiger Henrich (Sedimentology Palaeoceanography)
  • 1994: Volkhard Spiess (Marine Technology Environmental Research)
  • 1995: Reinhard X. Fischer (Crystallography)
  • 1998: Colin Devey (Petrology of the Ocean Crust, until 2004)
  • 2002: Tilo von Dobeneck (Marine Geophysics), Jrn Peckmann (Geobiology, until 2010), Rebecca Rendle-Bhring (Paleozeanography - Carbonate Geology, until 2010), Michael Schulz (Geosystem Modelling), Gerhard Bohrmann (General Geology Marine Geology), Kai-Uwe Hinrichs (Organic Geochemistry), Katrin Huhn-Frehers (Modelling of Sedimentation Processes)
  • 2003: Achim Kopf (Geotechnics), Tobias Mrz (Marine Engineering Geology)
  • 2005: Wolfgang Bach (Petrology of the Ocean Crust)
  • 2008: Thomas Pichler (Geochemistry and Hydrogeology)
  • 2009: Simone Kasemann (Isotope Geochemistry)
  • 2012: Michal Kucera (Micropaleontology - Paleoceanography), Heiko Plike (Paleoceanography), Andreas Lttge (Mineralogy)
  • 2015: Marta Prez Gussiny (Geophysics - Geodynamics)

Evolution of the Study Programs

  • WS 1986/87: Establishment and start of diploma program "Geology - Paleontology"
  • WS 1991/92: Establishment and start of diploma program "Geophysics"
  • WS 1992/94: Establishment and start of diploma program "Mineralogy"
  • WS 2000/01: Implementation of Bologna Treaty by establishment of integrated bachelor program "Geosciences"
  • WS 2003/04: Establishment and start of the international master program "Environmental and Marine Geosciences" (EMaG)
  • WS 2005/06: Start of the master programs "Geosciences", "Marine Geosciences" and "Material and Mineral Sciences"
  • WS 2006/07: Accreditation of all four geoscientific study programs with reform of bachelor program "Geosciences"
  • WS 2012/13: Reform and reaccreditation of our four geoscientific bachelor and master programs

Third-party funded Research and Graduate Programs

  • July 1989 - Dec. 2001: SFB 261 "The South Atlantic in the Late Quaternary - Reconstruction of material budgets and current systems"
  • Oct. 1990 Jan. 2000: DFG Graduate College 221 "Material Cycles in marine Geosystems"
  • July 2001 - Oct. 2017: DFG Research Center 15 "Ocean Margins" (RCOM), since Nov. 2012 homonym with EXC 309
  • Jan. 2002 - Dec. 2010: Intern. Research Training Group "EUROPROX - Proxies in Earth History" with FU Amsterdam and Utrecht University
  • Nov. 2006 Oct. 2011: International Graduate School 119 "GLOMAR - Global Change in the Marine Realm"
  • Nov. 2007 Oct. 2017: Excellence Cluster 309 "The Ocean in the Earth System" / MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Studies
  • Nov. 2009 Oct. 2018: IRTG "INTERCOAST - Integrated Coastal Zone and Shelf Sea Research" with Waikato University (NZ)
  • Dec. 2013 - 2018: IRTG "ArcTrain - Processes and impacts of climate change in the North Atlantic Ocean" with eight Canadian Universities