8 Gründe, Geowissenschaften an der Uni Bremen zu studieren

Du bist willkommen!

Was zählt, ist Dein ernsthaftes wissenschaftliches Interesse am Planeten Erde, seiner Vergangenheit, Zukunft und seinen Materialien. "Diversity" ist hier selbstverständlich, Du bist herzlich willkommen so wie Du bist!

Sileola Joseph Akinbodunse, MSc Materials Chemistry and Mineralogy, Abschluss Sommer 2021

Why did you decide to study MCM at the University of Bremen?
"I have always been intrigued by experimental science, owing to my background in chemistry, and MCM at the University of Bremen was a perfect fit and my first choice because it offers a large number of research/practical-oriented courses. Also, there are numerous areas where one can specialize in MCM."

What makes studying MCM at the University of Bremen so special?
"MCM is so special because of its diverse nature, which involves students coming from different academic backgrounds. Furthermore, the ratio of lecturers to students is quite remarkable, making MCM student-centered teaching. There are highly skilled and motivating lecturers and a large variety of courses to choose from in order to have a well-tailored and successful career path."

We think that as a materials scientist you acquire a broad understanding of natural sciences processes and can analyze interrelationships well. Do you see it the same way?
"Yes. The practical experience, theoretical knowledge, and prowess of a material scientist are broad and relevant in a wide range of fields in natural sciences."

What are you currently doing?
"I am a Researcher at the Institute of Mineralogy (Soil Mineralogy Research group), Leibniz University, Hannover. My current research involves the use of X-ray diffraction in the analysis of crystalline materials and the quantification of inorganic X-ray amorphous materials in soils."

What are the main skills you learned during your studies which you can apply today in your job?
"Few out of the many skills are scientific writing, problem-solving skills, good laboratory and scientific practices, instrumental techniques such as X-Ray diffractometry, Microscopy, and many more."

If you had the choice - would you decide again to study MCM at the University of Bremen?
"Yes. This is because of the great mentorship by professionals and the enormous knowledge/ good skill sets that can be acquired by studying MCM at the University of Bremen."

Your final word: What is your recommendation for the new generation of students?
"Firstly, I would recommend that the new generation of students embrace mentorship (from Lecturers/senior colleagues) as early as possible. Secondly, they (new students) should try to be part and an active member of a research group of their choice in order to gain more in-depth knowledge of materials analysis techniques. And lastly, the new generation of students should not feel intimidated, but should rather engage their lecturers more in intellectual and critical thinking on the different subject matter."