Geosciences Working Group

Dieter von Bargen

Vortrag des Geowissenschaftlichen Arbeitskreises

MARUM I Raum 0180

Dissertation colloquium

Gonzalo V. Gmez Sez

The ocean in not so depth: Investigation of the carbon cycle in marine shallow hydrothermal systems

GEO-Gebude, Raum 1550 (Hrsaal)

Deanery meeting

Prof. Dr. Michal Kucera

GEO-Gebude, Raum 5590



5. Geo-CT / -Imaging Workshop

Date: Monday, 15.02.

Place: University of Bremen, Geosciences Department, Klagenfurter Strae GEO, Room: 0340, Building GEO

Organisors: AG Bach, Geosciences Department(Uni HB) & Leibniz-Institut fr Angewandte Geophysik (LIAG)

Kontakt: Dr. Matthias Halisch (
Dr. Wolf-Achim Kahl (


Bienvenida Marta!

Our newly appointed professor for geophysics-geodynamics, Dr. Marta Prez-Gussiny (3rd from left), was officially greeted and introduced by the university management at the occasion of the traditional New Year reception in the upper town hall. Her professorship was established within the Institutional Strategy "Ambitious and Agile" funded by the Excellence Initiative. more


New Frontiers Ocean and space

Master Conference

8th and 9th of February
organised by students of the master programs of the Department of Geosciences more