Hints for using the PCs with Windows 7

Protection of C: drive

Windows7 partition C: is protected by “PC-Sheriff” in “daily mode”. That means that C: has a default layout which will be used

  • if you tell “PC-Sheriff” to restore modifications (see below)
  • if the PC is booted on an other day than the day of the last reboot or modification restore

If you want to keep changes for example because you installed a program which requires a reboot, reboot it also once before you install the program. Rebooting the PC a day after the installation will remove your program and start with the default layout of C: again. If you change something on partition C: it is kept as long as you do not reboot the PC. Your profile data, although also located on C: , will be preserved, because during logout they are copied to the server. During login, they are copied from the server to the local PC.

Important: On the PCs every user has the local administrator role. Therefore, you have access to all data locally available including those of other users. If you leave the PC and do not want that others have access to your local data you should restore modifications .

Drive D: is not protected. Data on D: will stay there until someone deletes them.

Remark for people using their own notebook

The fileserver “fsclassroom” has the IP, i.e. you can use

\\\profiles or  \\\user  to access your data.

Location of profiles:

Your profile will have the form:


where <accountname> is the name you use to log in.

Connect network drive:

Especially for using larger amounts of data:
A drive Z: located at the fileserver should be already available for you. If NOT: Install a server located “Drive Z:” for \\fsclassroom\user\<accountname>)

Remark: Please check first to see if Z: already exists

 Start Explorer ( START - right pane: Computer)
 (Eventually only once:). In the lower left pane: Select "Network"
 You might get a remark in the upper part: "Network discovery and file sharing are turned off ..."
 Click the remark   "Turn on Network discovery and file sharing"

In the upper part of the Explorer window: “Map network drive”

Drive:  Z:
Folder: \\fsclassroom\user\<accountname>  (or select via "Browse")
Select "reconnect at login" if you want.

Replace “DOZENT” by “fsclassroom” in the following out-dated image:

Printer installation:

Start- Devices and Printers:

Add a printer
Add a network .. printer
Searching ....  Oki C5750 (PCL is better for Word, Excel, Internet, PS is better for PDF and Postscript, but both will print anything.) 
Click printer, Next, Next, Finish

Einstellung der Sprache der Win7-Benutzeroberfläche:

Start  - Control Panel - Clock, Language and Region:
Choose display language

Einstellung der Sprache für MS Office:

Start - Microsoft Office - Microsoft Office Tools - Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings:
gewünschte Einstellungen vornehmen

Microsoft Office 2010 configures each time you start

Symptoms: Every time that you open a Microsoft Office 2010 application, you receive the following message:
Please wait while windows configures Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.
The following link might help (unverified): Try Let me fix it myself

Restore modifications of PC-Sheriff:

Reboot the system. If the screen goes black and displays white letters (Marvell …) press button F9 several times. A window “Passworteingabe” appears. Press <ENTER> key. “Bitte warten” is displayed. The system will reset and all changes are gone.

Andreas Manschke 2017/11/10