Stratigraphy and Sedimentology Research Group

Prof J. Kuss
Sediments and their fossils enable us to reconstruct depositional histories and environmental conditions of sedimentary basins in different tectonic settings. We combine field studies with core data to reveal stratal geometry, filling-processes and control parameters of the studied basins.
Field work concentrates on studies of Cretaceous-Palaeogene successions in North Africa and the Middle East, of Carboniferous-Permian platform carbonates in Svalbard, and on Early-Middle Triassic intervals in Central Germany.

Short Summary
A short summary about our projects in Egypt and Jordan with focus on PETM (Paleocene Eocene thermal maximum) and OAE II (oceanic anoxic events) you can find here. It was written for the book: Expedition Erde, 4. Aufl., 2015 (Wefer, Schmieder, Eds.)

Kurze Zusammenfassung
Eine kurze Zusammenfassung unserer Arbeiten zum Paläozän Eozän Temperatur Maximum (PETM) und zum Ozeanischen Anoxischen Ereigniss II (OAE II) findet sich hier. (Beitrag zum Buch: Expedition Erde, 4th ed., 2015 (Wefer, Schmieder Hrsg.)