Dr. Catarina Guerreiro
Dr. Catarina Guerreiro
Telefon: +351 217 500 148 (ext. 20305)
Fax: +351 217 500 009
E-Mail: cataguerreiro@fc.ul.pt

Current Address:
Marine and Environmental
Sciences Centre (MARE)
FCUL, Campo Grande,
1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal

Scientific activity
At Present, I am investigating the potential of coccolithophores as indicators of ocean-productivity variability induced by atmospheric trans-Atlantic fluxes of Saharan dust, in the context of the ongoing projects DUSTRAFFIC and TRAFFIC (NIOZ/MARUM). I am interested in calibrating the coccolithophores as paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic proxies, by investigating their productivity, ecological preferences and fluxes in close relation to the oceanographic and meteorological dynamics prevailing in the Equatorial North Atlantic Ocean (12ÂşN), addressing the effects of taphonomy along the transformation from living biocoenosis (primary signal) to sediment thanatocoenosis.
Earlier, my line of research was focused on the (paleo)ecology of coccolithophores from shallower environments, aiming to investigate the distribution and productivity of oceanic (K-selected) vs. coastal (r-selected) taxa along the coastal-neritic-oceanic transition, and their potential as paleoceanographic and hydrodynamical tracers of physical processes, using as case study the central Portuguese margin and the remarkable submarine canyons dissecting this area, i.e. Nazaré Canyon and Lisbon-Setúbal Canyon.

Participation in projects
• DUSTTRAFFIC/TRAFFIC (Transatlantic Fluxes of Saharan Dust), since June 2014; http://www.nwo.nl/en/research-and-results/research-project /66/230017516... and http://www.nioz.nl/dust.
• HERMIONE (Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man's Impact On European Seas), 2009-2012; http://www.eu-hermione.net/
• Cd-ToxCoN (Cadmium induced toxicity/tolerance/productivity on neritic Coccolithophores), 2010-2012.
• HERMES (Hotspot Ecosystem Research on the Margins of European Seas), 2008 – 2009; http://www.southampton.ac.uk/business/success_stories/engineering_scienc...
• DEEPCO (Deep Sedimentary Conduits of the West-Iberian Margin), 2006 – 2009;
• BIOFUN (Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in contrasting southern European deep-sea environment), 2009;
• ECOIS (Estuarine Contributions to Inner Shelf dynamics), 2006 – 2007.
• EUROSTRATAFORM (European Margin Strata Formation), 2004;
• CANAL (Comparative (paleo)environmental analysis of oceanic and coastal domains, over the last 20 My, based on calcareous nannoplankton), 2004 -2005;
• ENVI-CHANGES (Late Quaternary Environmental Changes from Estuary and Shelf Sedimentary Record), 2003.

Ship expeditions
• DUSTTRAFFIC 2016, RRV JAMES COOK (JC134). CTD profiling, collection and filtering of seawater and surface sediment samples along a transatlantic transect covering the equatorial North Atlantic
• ADOMIS 2015, R/V Maria S. MERION (MSM48). CTD profiling, collection and filtering of seawater and surface sediment samples from the subtropical North Atlantic Ocean - Madeira Abyssal Plain and the
region offshore Cape Blanc (Mauritania).
• HERMIONE 2010, NRP ALMIRANTE GAGO COUTINHO. CTD profiling, seawater sampling and filtering from the Nazaré
canyon region (W off Portugal).
• BIOFUN 2009, R/V PELAGIA. CTD profiling, boxcore and multicore sediment sampling, plankton sampling and filtering.
• HERMES 2007, 2008, NRP D. CARLOS I. CTD profiling and seawater sampling and filtering from the Nazaré canyon region.
• DEEPCO 2008, NRP ALMIRANTE GAGO COUTINHO. Collection of high depth sediment core samples and geophysical data from the Porto and Aveiro submarine canyons (NW off Portugal).
• DEEPCO 2007, NRP ALMIRANTE GAGO COUTINHO. Collection of high-resolution geophysical data from the Porto and Aveiro submarine canyons, using sub-bottom profiler, magnetometer, multibeam sonar, Side Scan Sonar, seismic reflection systems Boomer and Sparker.
• DEEPCO 2006, NRP D. CARLOS I. Collection of surface sediment samples from the Nazaré canyon and adjacent continental shelf and slope.
• EUROSTRATAFORM 2004, NRP D. CARLOS I. CTD profiling and seawater sampling and filtering.

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