Dr. Karl-Heinz Baumann
Dr. Karl-Heinz Baumann
Phone: +49 421 218 - 65202
Fax: +49 421 218 - 65219
Email: baumann@uni-bremen.de

Department of Geosciences
University of Bremen
GEO Building, Room 2590
Klagenfurter Strasse
28359 Bremen

Scientific Interests and Current Research
General Scientific Interests
Basic research is focussed on various aspects of coccolithophores but also include various topics of paleoclimatic evolution, in particular:

• Coccolithophores (species distribution and occurrences) for paleoceanographic and paleoclimate reconstructions through Plio-/Pleistocene time intervals.
• Morphometric study of intraspecific variation in various species (f.e. Coccolithus pelagicus) in sediment trap and geological samples.
• Quantitative and qualitative studies on carbonate budget; the effect of species composition and evolution on coccolithophorid carbonate accumulation.
• Transport and sedimentation of coccolithophores (and other biogenic carbonate particles) onto the seafloor and their accumulation in sediments.

In additon, my research also covers sedimentological topics (quantitative analyses of silt particles), and carbonate dissolution studies. Main working areas are in the Atlantic (i.e., the South Atlantic, eastern North Atlantic, and the Norwegian-Greenland Sea), but also in the upwelling regions off Chile and Somalia.

Ship expeditions
• 2018 RV MARIA S. MERIAN 79, Las Palmas - Mindelo/Cape Verde, East Atlantic off Cape Blanc/NW Africa and Cape Verde
• 2018 RV SONNE 260, Buenos Aires - Montevideo, western South Atlantic off Argentinia
• 2013 RV POSEIDON 448, Messina - Messina (Sicily/Italy), Adriatic Sea and Ionian Sea
• 2012 RV POSEIDON 425, Las Palmas - Las Palmas, Cape Blanc, off NW Africa
• 2011 RV METEOR 84/4, Vigo - Vigo (Spain), off Galicia
• 2008 RV METEOR 75/2, Dar es Salaam - Dar es Salaam (Tanzania), western equatorial Indian Ocean
• 2008 RV POSEIDON 366-2, Las Palmas - Vigo (Spain), eastern NW Atlantic
• 2007 RV MARIA S. MERIAN 04/4b, Las Palmas - Las Palmas, Canary Islands and Cape Blanc, off NW Africa
• 2001 RV METEOR 49/4, Salvador da Bahia (Brazil) - Halifax (Nova Scotia), Central Atlantic and Carribbean
• 1999 RV METEOR 46/1, Las Palmas - Recife (Brazil), Central Atlantic
• 1996 JOIDES Resolution, ODP-Leg 162, Leith (Edinburgh) - Reykjavik, North Atlantic and Norwegian-Greenland Sea
• 1994 RV METEOR 29/3, 1994, Rio de Janeiro – Las Palmas, central equatorial Atlantic
• 1992 RV METEOR 21/3, Funchal (Madeira) – Reykjavik, North Atlantic
• 1990 FS POLARSTERN ARK VII, Bremerhaven - Tromsø (Norway), Norwegian-Greenland Sea
• 1988 FS METEOR 7/5, Akureyri (Iceland) – Hamburg, Norwegian-Greenland Sea
• 1986 RV METEOR 2/1, Hamburg - Trondheim (Norway), Norwegian-Greenland Sea

List of relevant Publications

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