<_FRAG_xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"_FRAG_> <_FRAG_xml-stylesheet href="http://www.geo.uni-bremen.de/poolraum/dokuwiki/lib/exe/css.php_FRAG_s=feed" type="text/css"_FRAG_> GEO PC room http://www.geo.uni-bremen.de/poolraum/dokuwiki/ 2017-05-18T09:48:26+02:00 GEO PC room http://www.geo.uni-bremen.de/poolraum/dokuwiki/ http://www.geo.uni-bremen.de/poolraum/dokuwiki/lib/images/favicon.ico text/html 2013-04-24T13:04:35+02:00 mapdrivewin7 http://www.geo.uni-bremen.de/poolraum/dokuwiki/doku.php_FRAG_id=mapdrivewin7_AMP_rev=1366801475_AMP_do=diff For some lectures you need access to specific network shares, probably known as W: , X: , and Y: . If you don't find it you can map yourself: Start button: left click Computer: right click: Map Network drive Seclect Drive you like: Folder: \\134,102.241.71\share (or 72, or 73) Tick "Reconnect at logon" if you are sure you use the correct drive Do not tick "Connect using different credentials" In case of problems please also read <http://www.geo.uni-bremen.de/poolraum/dokuwiki/doku… text/html 2013-04-24T12:56:57+02:00 start http://www.geo.uni-bremen.de/poolraum/dokuwiki/doku.php_FRAG_id=start_AMP_rev=1366801017_AMP_do=diff Bitte helfen Sie bei der Dokumentation der PC-Nutzung durch Hinzufügen oder Ändern der folgenden Seiten. Dafür müssen Sie sich registrieren (ein Link dafür wird nach dem Klicken auf “Login” angezeigt). Please improve those pages with your own experiences. You have to login to do so, which requires a registration (the link is given after clicking the “Login” button. text/html 2013-04-25T17:44:39+02:00 windows7 http://www.geo.uni-bremen.de/poolraum/dokuwiki/doku.php_FRAG_id=windows7_AMP_rev=1366904679_AMP_do=diff Protection of C: drive Windows7 partition C: is protected by “PC-Sheriff” in “daily mode”. That means that C: has a default layout which will be used * if you tell “PC-Sheriff” to restore modifications (see below) * if the PC is booted on an other day than the day of the last reboot or modification restore