05-MAR-1-C6 Formation and Evolution of the Ocean Crust

Representative: Wolfgang Bach


! start Tuesday, Oct 20th 14:00

Mantle melting and melt segregation. Magma plumbing systems - seismic imaging and petrological processes. Heat flow and seawater circulation. Variability in crustal architecture in relation to spreading and magma production rates. Causes and consequences of changes in geophysical properties with crustal aging.

Learning Outcome

Ability to evaluate geophysical and petrological observations. Mastering basic principles of model development, using geophysical and petrological data. Developing problem-solving skills in ocean crust formation and evolution processes, using geophysical and petrological principles.


9CP = 270 hours
90 hours of course work in the three classes (30 hours each)
30 hours for exercises and practicing (05M-MAR-1-C6-2 and -3)
60 hours for home work assignments (05M-MAR-1-C6-2 and -3)
90 hours for home work assignments and computational exercises (05M-MAR-1-C6-1)


module exam (combined marks):

assignment50 %
assignment50 %


Will be made introduced at beginning of courses