05-MAR-1-C4 Marine Resources and Geotechnology I

Representatives: Gerhard Bohrmann, Achim Kopf


The field of Marine resources and geotechnology responds to the growing need of a better understanding of geoprocesses along continental margins and on the shelf, especially since these areas undergo heavy use by humans. This includes wind energy, telecommunication, and hydrocarbon industries who explore and exploit these areas and install infrastructure.

Learning Outcome

The courses in this module provide the student with a basic understanding of ocean margin resources and what technology is used to explore and monitor them, with special attention to hydrocarbon resources and gas hydrate processes. The student will have a comprehensive insight into the physics and chemistry and geobiology of gas hydrate systems, and will further work self-determined on regional marine resources after having been introduced to the basic knowledge of resources in the broadest sense (spanning from MOR ore deposits via sediments and rocks to hydrocarbons, phosphorites and evaporites, mineral deposits in the deep sea, etc.


Basic knowledge of sedimentary and tectonic processes as well as exploration and under water technology
Basic knowledge in Earth history


270 h / 9 CP

- 35 h presence in Continental margin resources (2.5 SWS, 14 weeks)
- 35 h presence in Gas hydrates: formation, detection, relevance (2.5 SWS, 14 weeks)
- 200 h homework and self-revision of the given and additional, complementary material (textbooks, regional papers, preparation of oral presentations, etc.)


module exam (combined marks):

seminar talk50 %
written exam50 %


will be provided during the individual classes