05-MMG-GB1 Evolution of Marine Ecosystems

Representative Karin Zonneveld

Learning Contents:

This course will obtain provide insight into the most actual scientific knowledge that is available with respect to processes and mechanisms that triggert major keypoints in the evolution and development of marine ecosystems. Focus will lay on the interaction between climate, environment and life. Each theme will start with an introductionary lecture where the major known mechanisms, climatic and environmental processes as well as hypothesis will be elucidatet. This will be followed by oral presentations of students that will present recently published key publications. These presentations have been previously prepared in the form of homework. After this the students and teachers will discuss the current scientific views and hypotheses.

Learning Outcomes, Targeted Competencies:

1) Students gained detailed knowledge about climatic, environmental and biologic processes that led to major changes in marine ecosystems through time.
2) Students have experience in reading, understanding and presenting scientific publications.
3) Students know how to discuss scientific results and hypotheses.
4) Students have gained experience in presenting scientific results in the form of oral presentations.

Prior Knowledge:

Basic knowledge in Palaeontology, (inkl. Micropalaeontology and/or Palynology) , Earth sciences and Earth history

Course Type 1: Lecture, Exercise, Seminar (L+E+S) 4.0 SWS ( 56.0 h)

Tutorial(s): -


56.0 h presence time
74.0 h self-study
50.0 h exam workload

180 h total workload

Exam Type:

combination exam


exam elements: 2
SL: 1

50 % assignment
50 % seminar paper
0 % seminar talk

Presentation: short lecture by individual student about an actual scientific paper provided in the course (not graded), homework: short written scientific review about one of the course themes, presentation and report (individual) at the end of the course


Recently published Literature will be provided in the course