Department vehicles

Bus Reservation

The Faculty of Geosciences presently owns four minibuses that are available for official use by faculty members. An online-booking reservation is obtained as follows:
  • Log in with your user name and password ("Log-in" in symbol line right side)
  • Open the schedule showing bus occupation [Busbelegungsplan] of the desired bus (klick on the bus image or chose a bus in menue left side).
  • Open the applicatin form, fill in and send ["Anfrage" in symbol line right side].
  • Confirmation of free dates will be done automatically.
  • Applicants/users can do changes in their booking any time, in the form you filled in already (it will open if you klick on your reservation time), then confirm ["Ändern" in symbol line right side].

Driving Permit for Department Buses

Before starting your trip
  • every driver of a faculty bus has to apply for a licence from the faculty
  • Said licence will be given against proof of a driving licence valid in Germany, class 3, and signature of a written confirmation
In order to reduce the number of licences to a reasonable quantity, normally students are given only a limited licence (e.g. for a field trip only).