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Welcome to the former cocco homepage. It is here as a placeholder only. If you have questions please send a mail to Dr. Karl-Heinz Baumann
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What are coccolithophores?

CoccolithophoreCoccolithophores are single-celled algae belonging to the phytoplankton. Like any other type of marine phytoplankton, coccolithophores are plants that live in large numbers throughout the upper surface layers of the ocean. Coccolithophores surround themselves with tiny platelets made of carbonate. These scales, known as coccoliths, are often disc-shaped and are only three one-thousandths of a millimeter in diameter. Read more...



PalaeoceanographyThe fossilized remains of coccolithophores, the coccoliths, serve as important tools in geosciences. By means of the coccoliths from marine sediments it is possible to biostratigraphically determine the age of the rock. In addition the composition of the coccolith assemblage provides information on the palaeoenvironmental living conditions within the sunlit layers of the world's oceans. Read more...


 Equipment and Methods

SEMOur working group holds two types of devices for the observation of coccolithophores: a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) and  research Light Microscopes (LMs). All microscopes are connected to digital imaging systems.  While the LMs allow for fast routine smear-slide studies,  the SEM provides insights into  fine-scale morphological traits of the coccoliths. Read more...

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