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Methods and Archives

Methods and Archives The basis for addressing the INTERDYNAMIC objectives lies in a combination of climate information with high temporal resolution from ice cores, marine and terrestrial archives with up-to-date Earth-system modeling. The approach includes state-of-the-art proxies and a wide spectrum of models, ranging from Earth-system models of intermediate complexity (EMIC) to comprehensive general circulation models (GCM). For reconstructions, quantitative proxies are given priority over qualitative proxies.

The investigations in INTERDYNAMIC focus on the interglacials of the late Quaternary (incl. their onset and end; pre-industrial) since approx. 1 Ma BP. With respect to the global aspects of climate change, the focus in INTERDYNAMIC will be on global and continent- or basin-wide scales.

Methods and Archives

The development of new proxies and models is not within the scope of INTERDYNAMIC. However, the enhancement of proxies in terms of their quantitative potential and the implementation of modules for direct modeling of proxies in Earth-system models is supported. In the framework of INTERDYANMIC expeditions are not funded. INTERDYNAMIC explicitly encourages the synthesis of existing paleoclimate data in view of the overarching research questions.

INTERDYNAMIC consists exclusively of collaborative, so-called Dual+ projects, in which at least two of the research fields ice cores, marine archives, terrestrial archives and Earth-system modeling are represented. Through the Dual+ projects INTERDYNAMIC strives for a close collaboration across disciplines, between research locations as well as between university and non-university partners.

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